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I would like to acknowledge the efforts of Jim Casey, who originated and designed this website and maintained it up to date for several years.


The second edition of the club website was essentially Jimʼs site in new clothing. It was updated and modified by Alan Johnston with the help of his son William Johnston who provided the know-how, and also many hours of work to get the new version into working order.


All of us thank you, Jim, Alan and William for your considerable efforts  designing, modifying and maintaining our website for the past five years.

This, the third edition of the club website was updated and modified by Ray Ouellette with the help and expertise of his grandson Howard Ouellette who patiently spent countless hours redesigning and updating the various segments of this website.  We hope you enjoy this revision and take advantage of this site as it relates to our club. 


The Webmaster



Comments and suggestions are welcome. contact the webmaster at


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